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Just tight enough to make the surface feel good to play on. After a certain point, tightening the head more does not directly result in a tighter or harder playing surface because of the way that RamPad works. There is a combination of materials underneath the head, and the are compressed by the tension of the head to provide a great feel. Be careful to not over tighten the head. Occasionally tightening it a quarter turn or so should bring the pad back up to a great feel.

Can I change the head?

Absolutely! RamPad uses a standard 10” drum head, and the RamPad TenorPack uses standard marching tenor drum sizes.

Will RamPad fit on a snare stand?

Yes! Most snare stands on the market will hold the RamPad perfectly so you can position the pad where you need it to be when you are practicing.

How Heavy is RamPad

RamPad weights about 6 pounds and fits nicely in just about any backpack.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! RamPads purchased from our online store come with a one year warranty

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