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What you do in practice is what you do in performance!


Check out the RamPad in Action!

Check out marching percussion specialist, Pete Sapadin demonstrate different aspects of the RamPad!

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The Concept

RamPad delivers the genuine “feel” and articulate sound of an actual drum better than any other product on the market! RamPad is the only practice pad that uses a real metal rim, tension rods, and a Mylar head. Manufactured with lightweight and extremely durable materials, RamPad products are guaranteed to last for many years.

An Educational Tool

RamPad’s pronounced and articulate sound gives instructors the unique ability to talk, listen, and demonstrate all at the same time.

Instructors save valuable rehearsal time by being able to make corrections “on the fly” making it the perfect choice for sectionals, clinics, and educational settings.

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Innovative Products

RamPad is consistently pursuing intuitively designed practice-products to support percussionists in their musical endeavors. Two of our newest innovations are The Drum Deck and the Tenor Pack. These ergonomically designed products are becoming transformative in the way percussion ensembles rehearse.

Who is RamPad?

RamPad was started by two musicians that wanted to make a better practice pad for percussionists. We constantly look at ways to improve our products and offer more practice tools for percussionists of all kinds. We are a small, but mighty operation based in Lake Arrowhead, California.

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